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25 February 2015 @ 01:51 pm
*Update*: New website! Check out Colorado Anonymous

Since we've got a website now, I'll be spending less time providing general information here.

Does this seem a bit on the anonymous, even a little shady, side? There is a reason that people want to remain anonymous when dealing with the Church of Scientology.

These protests are not about what Scientologists believe. They are, rather, about what the Church of Scientology has done to destroy the lives of its critics and members alike. If, after educating yourself about the Church of Scientology's publicly well-documented practices, you believe it is harmful to society, join other Anonymous across the world for Hubbard's belated birthday party and make your voice heard.

Exercise anonymity; the Church of Scientology has a long record of targeting even its most menial critics.


3385 S. Bannock St.
Englewood, CO 80110

On Google Maps


16 April 2008 @ 03:20 pm

SciSpy #1, originally uploaded by xenuforhire.

This Scientologist spent most of the protest taking pictures of Anonymous. She waited with the camera at her eye for long periods of time, presumably looking for a moment of discomfort in which an Anonymous would momentarily remove a mask.

When I asked if I could take a close-up of her, she refused. While I know I could (and did) take many pictures of her from a distance with a telephoto lens, I found her refusal to be entertaining.

15 April 2008 @ 01:15 pm
Ex-Scientologist #2

Shot with a 350D and Canon 50mm f/1.4.

Some Anonymous involved in the Church of Scientology protests are not so anonymous. Tom is an ex-Scientologist, and was involved in Sea Org for years. Most protesters wear masks to at the protests to prevent the Church from discovering their identities. Several who have been identified have been subjected to frivolous lawsuits and other forms of harassment.

As an ex-Scientologist, Tom's identity and contact information is already known by the Church. Church lawyers hand-delivered a letter to his father recently, accusing Tom of being a terrorist and of engaging in unspecified illegal activities. Tom was happy to let me take his picture.

Ironically, the Scientologists surveilling us at the protest refused to allow me to take similar pictures of them. They spent the entire time of the protest shooting picture after picture of protesters, hoping to catch one of them without a mask.

Also, since we've got www.COanon.org running now, this LJ is going to be more of a home for my own rants. For general info, see the website!
Colorado Anonymous

We are the Anonymous of Colorado, a loosely affiliated collective that has banded together in recent months, along with thousands of others across the world, to publicly protest the criminal and unethical practices of the Church of Scientology. We last gathered to protest the Church on March 15, and will be returning Saturday, April 12.

We will meet at Cushing park at 10:30am, and arrive at the Church at 11:00am.

Park address:
CE Cushing Park
795 W Eastman Ave
Englewood, CO 80110

Church address:
3385 S. Bannock St.
Englewood, CO 80110

Questions?Collapse )
I've started a site just for Colorado Anons. Check it out at www.coanon.org.

Incidentally, I won't be posting here much, except to make major announcements like protest dates and the like.

The April 12 is upon us, and the plans are much like the last time.

Meet at the park at 10:30.
Arrive at the Church at 11:00.

Park address:
CE Cushing Park
795 W Eastman Ave
Englewood, CO 80110

Church address:
3385 S. Bannock St.
Englewood, CO 80110

If you don't know the area, I strongly suggest you make a printout from Google maps. Some of us were really uncertain about where we were going. Here's a link for directions: From the park to the church

The theme for this protest is "Reconnect." The Church of Scientology routinely forces its members to "disconnect" from non-Scientologists, including their friends and family. If they do not disconnect, they can excommunicated from the Church. One might assume that it's an easy choice: friends and family come first. I would ask you this: if you were deeply involved in a religion, and your entire life revolved around it, how might you face the dilemma of choosing between everything you know or continuing even minimal contact with people you love?

The Church of Scientology has been happy so far to break up families with its high-pressure member retention tactics. We'll be there at the Church on April 12 to let Scientologists know that their families are not evil, and that it's ok to Reconnect with them.
24 March 2008 @ 09:53 am
From the collective efforts of Anonymous....


You have seen us lately protesting peacefully outside the Church of Scientology's Englewood organization. Our grievances are not with the members of the Englewood organization, except where noted below, or with their religion. We support the Freezone, a collection of individuals and groups who practice Scientology outside of the Church.

Our grievances are with the corporate entity and subsidiaries that make up the Church of Scientology International.

We do not believe that people should have to pay for the ability to gain Enlightenment and Salvation, and we do not believe that someone who sells such things should do so with more generous tax breaks than any other religion in the US. We want to know the details of the secret 1993 deal with the IRS that gave the Church of Scientology its "non-profit charitable organization" status despite its for-profit actions and constant uses of political influence.

We condemn the litigious nature of the Church of Scientology and its abuses of the American legal system to attack its critics. Their use of frivolous lawsuits and scare tactics to silence critics and former members creates a chilling effect on our freedom of speech. The Church of Scientology has become surrounded by an atmosphere of fear that hampers discussion of their actions. In our modern society, no one should be scared to peacefully speak out about what they see and feel.

Our hearts break for the families torn apart by the Disconnection Policy, which requires a Scientologist to break all connection with anyone that is agnostic towards the Church of Scientology. While we recognize the need to remove bad influences from a person's life, the Church of Scientology abuses this tactic to remove outside influences to isolate its members. By removing balancing points of view, the Church of Scientology ensures they are the only influence in their parishioners lives. Children should never be forced to choose between their parents and their religion. We find the Church's history of destroying families to be unacceptable.

We have accomplished much already. In March we forced the Church to allow Susan Lentsch to see her daughter for the first time in 15 years. Victims and former members are finding the courage to step forward to share their experiences, both good and bad. Insiders have started sending us information, including allegations of child abuse, and companies and politicians are questioning their ties with the Church of Scientology. By standing firm, we hope to inspire calm and rational discourse. By speaking what we know, we hope to end the fear.

Distributed by Anonymous
21 March 2008 @ 11:46 am
I recently sent invitations to certain people to view my set of Anonymous portraits. This is the text of the invitation and set description:

I've been putting a lot of effort lately into a project over which I cannot publicly claim ownership. The project sounds innocuous enough: I'm taking photos at a local protest by a group called Anonymous against the Church of Scientology. One would think that I could just show up, take the pictures I want, and leave without further concern. There is, however, much reason for concern.

If you look through my set of portraits, you'll see that everyone is hiding their faces. They do this because the Church has for decades engaged in the suppression of its critics via lawsuits, harassment, threat, blackmail, even violence. Even as of March 15, the Church has had peaceful protesters arrested with accusations of terrorist conspiracies. They have filed lawsuits designed not to win, but to harass and bankrupt protesters into submission.

At our Denver protest, members of the Church followed certain protesters to their parked cars, making notes of their license plates. We were all closely photographed, often by people trying to remain hidden or otherwise covert. If you browse through my non-portraits, you will see some scenes where I photographed the Scientologists making notes of the license plates of the cars that honked their horns in support as they passed by.

In Atlanta, some people driving by who honked their horns were pulled over and given tickets. One peaceful protester was even arrested and taken into the Scientology compound, where a squad of riot police were stationed.

Suffice it to say, I feel it necessary to keep my identity away from these people, just the same as those I was photographing. A few of the people shown in these photographs are currently afraid that someone watching the protest may have seen them momentarily remove their masks out of discomfort. In the next couple of months, some of them may be harassed by the Church. Some may sued into submission, or even arrested on false charges.

So, they wear masks and call themselves Anonymous. So did I.

I'm not ready to claim public ownership of these photos. I might do so at a later time, but not today. A few of you know who I am. If you should share this set of photos with someone, please do not attach my name to it. The Church of Scientology is actively attempting to determine the identities of anyone with any visibility in the organization of these protests. Some people dismiss this as unjustified paranoia or conspiracy theory; those of us under the Church's microscopes take it quite seriously.

For more information on the reasons behind these protests, take a look at http://www.xenu.net

My focus for this project is on portraits of the protesters, but there is quite a bit more in the entire collection. I will be posting more some time after April 12, if I am able to attend the protests then.

The forums at Enturbulation.org went down under the deluge of traffic last week. The owners have upgarded their servers and put in a more robust BB application, and it looks a lot more stable.

The planning thread for Denver / April 12 is here:


The post-game thread for Denver / March 15 is here:


As for the big dumb photographer part, that would be me. I didn't check a certain setting on the film camera, and every frame of film I shot was ruined. So, that's all for the March 15th photography on my part. Meh.

If you haven't looked yet, this guy shot some interesting stuff at both the Feb. 10 and March 15 protests:


And, someone was there shooting 360-degree images:


Both are pretty spiffy, check 'em out.
16 March 2008 @ 01:16 pm
Not So Anonymous

One of the guys in this picture wanted to see it afterward, so I told him how to find it. Here ya go!

They weren't involved in the protest, though. Just getting in on the fun.
15 March 2008 @ 04:17 pm
Free Speech

The blokes in the way were video recording the protest and making notes about people who caught their eyes. They also wrote down the license plates of people who honked their horns while passing by. The wrote down a hell of a lot of numbers.

Many more pics to come.